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About Us

Chocolate WITHOUT Slavery is trying to end child slavery in producing chocolate.

Michael is like many of us who love chocolate but sickened to understand that child slavery is key in producing 70% of the chocolate sold world wide. It often takes 2 to 3 days of a child’s slave labour to produce 1 chocolate treat and costs you $2.00. Most of the child slaves have never eaten chocolate!

There are many articles, blogs, major TV network news stories and documentaries that make it very clear that the majority of chocolate starts with child slavery. Child slavery: a child forced to harvest cacao pods and who cannot leave this slavery, ever. None of us wants this...except the slavers and those companies who keep buying cacao to make 70 billion dollars worth of chocolate.

So, why is this chocolate still being bought by people? Millions of people don’t know about child slavery in making chocolate. People might choose organic and FairTrade but what tells them that their choice is chocolate without slavery? Chocolate WITHOUT Slavery plans to change this.

The Chocolate WITHOUT Slavery blog will be available on a regular basis and offer ways that we can all participate in ending child slavery.

Contact Info

Michael Jones
Communications & Research
Box 88, Slocan Park, B.C.
Canada V0G 2E0